EF6 IQueryable dynamic linq Where(predicate, values) with DbFunctions.TruncateTime

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I have an object with the following attributes in my shortened example:

  • Name (string)
  • BirthDateTimeStamp (datetime)

I need to be able to construct dynamic queries in the manner shown below.

var predicate = "Name = @0";
var values = new object[]{"Ed"};
myIQueryableDataSource.Where(predicate, values)

This is effective. I want to compare my date and time now.

var predicate = "BirthDateTimeStamp >= @0";
var values = new object[]{someDateTime};

This also works well. But what I really want to do when comparing datetimes—and this problem manifests itself more clearly when using equals—is compare dates alone.

var predicate = "BirthDateTimeStamp.Date >= @0";

Since EF to SQL server does not recognize the Date attribute, this is not feasible.

var predicate = "System.Data.Entity.DbFunctions.TruncateTime(BirthDateTimeStamp) >= @0";

Since I can only access my object's properties in the predicate, this is equally ineffective.

How can I approach this problem in such a manner that the predicate maintains its string format? This code is just a small portion of a much larger parser for my queries that cannot be entirely redone.

1/13/2016 9:10:25 AM

Popular Answer

The solution offered by @RockResolve does work, although it's a bit of a hack. Linq Dynamics offers the ability to implement unique functions.

public class CustomTypeProvider: IDynamicLinkCustomTypeProvider
    public HashSet<Type> GetCustomTypes()
      HashSet<Type> types = new HashSet<Type>();
      // adding custom types
      return types;

// use below line to add this to linq
System.Linq.Dynamics.GlobalConfig.CustomTypeProvider = new CustomTypeProvier();
5/16/2018 6:58:29 AM

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