Improve Entity Framework Performance

Improve Entity Framework Performance

  • Is it Entity Framework as slow as some people report it? Yes and no.
  • Entity Framework offers great advantage over other ORM, and it’s in fact pretty fast.


  • The problem is too easy to fall into one or another Entity Framework performance pitfall.
  • Soon or later, many developers make some mistakes which may impact the application performance severely.

Performance Cheat Sheet

Problem Solution
Add Use AddRange
Disable AutoDetectChanges
Add in Batches
Change Tracker Track Less Entities
DetectChanges Disable AutoDetectChanges
SaveChanges in Batches
Eager Loading Use AsNoTracking
Use EF+ Caching
Use EF+ Query Future
Lazy Loading Use Eager Loading
Include Split in multiple Include
Use EF+ IncludeFilter
Use EF+ IncludeOptimized
Insert Use EFE BulkInsert
Query Use AsNoTracking
Use EF+ Caching
Use EF+ Query Future
SaveChanges Use EFE Bulk Operations
Use EFE BulkSaveChanges


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