A good example of using WPF, WCF, and Entity Framework together.

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I am planning on creating a new data-driven Client/Server application with the flexibility to have WPF, Silverlight, and mobile clients. I am already well versed in WPF and need to learn how to implement the back end. Everything I've read is pointing me toward using WCF + Entity Framework.

I have yet to find a realistic example of combining these three technologies. I want to use WPF's databinding to be able to easily bind to database objects in a way that avoids as much procedural code as possible.

I looked at this example based on Prism but it looks like it was never finished, it doesn't really do anything, it's basically a glorified "Hello World!"

5/31/2012 12:38:29 AM

Accepted Answer

I have done some digging and this is what I've found:

Karl Shifflett's Netflix Stuff Application (WPF, MVVM, Data Services)

IssueVision (Silverlight, MVVM, WCF RIA Services, Entity Data Model)

7/6/2016 3:03:03 PM

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Have you looked at the walk through below which just include WPF + WCF + Entity Framework only:


In this walkthrough, you will create a WPF application that contains data-bound controls. The controls are bound to customer records that are encapsulated in a WCF Data Service. You will also add buttons that customers can use to view and update records.

This walkthrough illustrates the following tasks:

  1. Creating an Entity Data Model that is generated from data in the AdventureWorksLT sample database.
  2. Creating a WCF Data Service that exposes the data in the Entity Data Model to a WPF application.
  3. Creating a set of data-bound controls by dragging items from the Data Sources window to the WPF designer.
  4. Creating buttons that navigate forward and backward through customer records.
  5. Creating a button that saves changes to data in the controls to the WCF Data Service and the underlying data source.

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