Entity Framework The official Microsoft object-relational mapper (ORM)
to easily retrieve and save your entities.

using (var ctx = new CustomerContext()) { List<Customer> customers = new List<Customer>(); foreach(var line in lines) { var customer = new Customer(); // ...code... customers.Add(customer); } ctx.Customers.AddRange(customers); ctx.SaveChanges(); }

Entity Framework FAQ

What's Entity Framework?

Entity Framework is an ORM made by Microsoft. It allows performing CRUD operations without having to write SQL queries. It supports Code First, Database First, Stored Procedure, Transaction, etc.

Why is Entity Framework slow?

Entity Framework performance can often be improved by avoiding some common mistakes:

Which 3rd party libraries?

A lot of third party libraries are available. We recommend you to check the libraries we support:

Do Entity Framework support Bulk Insert?

No, but a third-party library does: Entity Framework Extensions. It's a prime library that extend DbContext with all bulk operations.

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Where can I find more Entity Framework tutorials?

Here is a short list:

Where can I find Entity Framework examples?

Online examples are now available on .NET Fiddle!

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