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I've been reading about mySQL DataSource and the ability to use mySQL with Entity Framework, but I can't really generate EF with mySQL without the use of the DataSource Dialog

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How can I add mySQL Database to such dialog?

This is what I have done so far:

  • Installed mySQL Connector v.6.5.4
  • Restarted n-times my Windows 7 machine
  • Read all about how well mySQL Connector works on previous versions of Visual Studio
10/2/2012 3:12:34 AM

Accepted Answer

I have just read from mySQL Forums that mySQL will ship Visual Studio 2012 integration with mySQL Connector v.6.5.5

We'll be adding support for VS 2012 in Connector/NET 6.5.5 and later 6.6.x version,546265,564533#msg-564533

and give a link to test a trick

and here is the vsix file if you follow the tutorial (In Portuguese)

Microsoft Visual Studio Extension for mySQL:

just download and double click...

then, you will get all to work

enter image description here

Using Visual Studio 2012 Professional

enter image description here

10/2/2012 3:29:48 AM

Popular Answer

One clarification: Visual Studio Express DOES NOT support MySQL .NET Connector as extension.

You still may use it adding reference to MySql.Data.dll file that you may find in MySQL Connector installation folder (for me it was W:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector NET 6.5.4\Assemblies\v4.0). After that you may use it like this:

using MySql.Data.MySqlClient;
var mycon = new MySqlConnection();

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