Data sources toolbox for VS2012 does not display my entity model

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After adding an entity model either from the datasources toolbox itself or by adding it => "add" => "new item" it does not show up in the datasources toolbox and therefor i dont get that easy drop and drag functionality.

If I add a dataset it works but that is an older technology (is it not?) everything in my current project are entity models and to change to datasets (which only works if I add xmlns:yourAlias="clr-namespace:WpfApplication3") would be .. I don't think best practice and a waste of time.

I have recreated this same process of adding a entity model in VS 2010 and it works 100%, where i have the ability to simply drop and drag from the dataSource toolbox

Maybe ill just wait for VS SP1 before working with it for client projects. :(


If I add the Entity model in VS2010 and then load the project in 2012 it loads fine in the dataSource toolbox. This is an answer but not an ideal work around.

11/8/2012 8:36:21 AM

Accepted Answer

While working on a project I recently faced the same problem. It took me about two days of extensive research but I think I've finally found it:

At least for me it solved the problem. Please let me know if it helped you..

11/22/2012 12:49:00 PM

Popular Answer

Being addicted to L2S, I tried to get familiar with VS2012 and EF5. But I nearly lost my nerves trying to use the data sources toolbox.

Finally I found a solution:

using Object Data Source is now the recommended approach for using EF in databinding scenarios. See this article for more details - The article also includes a link to revert to the old code generation if that is what you desire.

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