How to update-database Programmatically in EntityFramework Codefirst? c#-4.0 entity-framework


i am writing a simple CMS over ASP.NET MVC framework (for college final project).my problem is with module's data-migration each module will update the database schema when it is installed , a database migration mechanism must be implemented in module installation system.ok , data-migration in entity framework is already there (thanks to MS) , but the migration commands run in package manager there any way to run a Data-Migration code Programmatically? any help is very appreciated.

11/12/2012 11:01:54 AM

Accepted Answer

This class exposes the EF migrations in code:


In EF, migrations work on a whole database though - not modular parts of one.

Just found this class too:


11/12/2012 11:33:49 AM

Popular Answer

If you've enabled the automatic migrations in Package Manager Console you can use the following code in an init section of your app (e.g. in SimpleMembershipInitializer):

var migratorConfig = new Migrations.Configuration();
var dbMigrator = new DbMigrator(migratorConfig); 

Where Migrations.Configuration is the migration configuration class placed in your project into your namespace (YourProjectNamespace.Migrations).

If you use it programmatically you should at first turn off the EF initializer:


The thing is the programmatic update creates a database if it doesn't exist.

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