EntityFramework.Extended Update not working - can't convert DynamicProxy


I am using Entity Framework 6 and tried to use EntityFramework.Extended to do some batch updates:

  .Where(i => !i.IsDeleted && !i.Order.IsCompleted && i.Order.OrderDate < margin)
  .Update(i => new TicketOrderItem { IsDeleted = true });

TicketOrderItem is an extension of OrderItem. When this is now executed I get the following error (translated from german, as I get it in german):

The EntityFramework.Reflection.DynamicProxy-type can not implicitly be converted 
to System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery<NAMESPACE.TicketOrderItem>.

I already disabled lazy loading and proxy generation (and verified it via debugging, that no proxies are generated):

db.Configuration.LazyLoadingEnabled = false;
db.Configuration.ProxyCreationEnabled = false;

Is there a way to fix that?
Or is this a bug in the "not yet final" EF 6 or an incompability between EF.Extended and EF 6?

Accepted Answer

This works not with the current version of EF.Extended.

Popular Answer

Looks like EntityFramework.Extended doesn't work with EF 6 yet. Some of EF namespace changes are causing the problem. You can pull the extended source, remove the old EF reference and change the EF related namespaces from

using System.Data.*;


using System.Data.Entity.Core.*;

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