How do I create a MySQL database connection string in a C# project without utilizing dialog boxes?

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NOTE: Apparently, the MySQL connection installation doesn't appear immediately in the Dialog Boxes for adding a data source since the MySQL connector installation2008 Express Edition of Visualis not compatible with the Visual Studio IDE's "3rd party integration" feature. Because the integrated tools from the MySQL connection are missing, setting up the data source manually becomes even more crucial.

My objective is to use Entity Framework to connect to a MySQL database (an ADO.NET Entity Data Model). I'm becoming annoyed because I can't locate what I'm searching for despite all the wizards and dialog windows.

Here are my accomplishments thus far: On my computer, I recently installed MySQL.NET Connector v6.1.3; to the best of my knowledge, it is properly installed. The Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs section lists it there. When I click to add a reference to a project in Visual Studio (Visual C# 2008 Express Edition SP1 with the Entity Framework version that arrives with SP1), the screen "What should the model contain?" appears. I click Next after selecting "Generate from database".

I'm asked which data connection to utilize on this screen. I choose "New Connection," and a screen similar to this appears:

Where can I find an option for the newly installed ADO.NET MySQL Connector?

I am aware of the MySQL connection string What location is the connection string in?, but I am unable to incorporate it into my program in a way that Visual Studio would identify it, utilize the ADO.NET connector, and enable me to choose that connection when creating an Entity Model. How is this possible to accomplish?

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12/8/2009 12:37:28 AM

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In Visual C# 2008 Express Edition SP1, third-party extensions are not supported.

Dan Fernandez mentions it in this article.

The Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison page has further details regarding the differences between the Express and Professional versions.

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