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I am trying to learn EF and ran into some issue. I have a database, let's simplify it, of 4 tables:

1) Items(NodeID, other fields), 
2) Nodes(NodeID, extra), 
3) Recipient(RecipientID, others) 
4) NodesRecipient(RecipientID, NodeID).

Item-Node is 1-1 relationship, primary key is NodeID Recipient has primary key RecipientID, and NodesRecipient keys are RecipientID and NodeID. Below is the diagram Node inherits from item I created an EF model from the database above using VS 2012. After the model is created, I made Node derived from Items by specifying its base as Item and deleted the 1-1 relation between them. I also made Items abstract as I do not want direct manipulation on that entity.

The compiler is complaining:

Error 1 Error 3024: Problem in mapping fragments starting at line 266:Must specify mapping for all key properties (Items.nodeID) of the EntitySet Items.

But if I did not use inheritance, the compiler would not complaint and it was fine.

No inheritance

What is my issue and how do I get around it? It would be nice if EF allows inheritance and I think it may since it allows me to specify the base class, but I think there may be some links that I might have missed when reading Microsoft documentation.

5/14/2018 6:21:48 PM

Accepted Answer

It seems like you may be missing a foreign key from the primary key of the child entity's table and the primary key of the base entity's table.

After adding the FK, update EDMX from schema (from database).

12/17/2013 4:14:29 PM

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