Replacement of Self-tracking entities in Entity Framework 6


I am sure most of .NET developers must be facing this issue one way or the other. The problem is simple, I am upgrading my project from .NET 4 to .NET 4.5.1. So far so good the upgrade went neatly. But when I upgraded from EF4 to EF6, I did encounter lot of bugs in my queries. Some of these were related to renaming the context which I did, but as for the errors related to Self-tracking entities, I am a little confused.

Self-tracking entities are a major part of my project and EF6 not supporting them means I will have to rewrite a major part of my DAL. I tried to find out but have not been able to find any alternative to STE in EF6.

Does anyone know way around to this scenario? Will I have to rewrite my STE dependent Queries. The answers should not include explanations on why Microsoft decided to put STEs behind as I have already gone through many blogs explaining that.

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There is an open source project called Trackable Entities that provides support for STEs in EF6.0

Here is a blog post comparing Trackable Entities to STEs.

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