MVC 5 or MVC 6 for a MVC beginner entity-framework


I am a .net developer with 10+ years of experience however never got an opportunity to work with MVC or EF. As I am looking for other opportunities , i started looking in MVC 5 and other new technologies/frameworks. I got my fundamentals however with recent release of MVC 6 , am confused now to learn what. It seems MVC 6 is a lot different fundamentally as System.web,httpcontext,global.asax and lot other places are changed in MVC 6. I am planning to get a book or Pluralsight subscription and study MVC in more detail with some lab and hands on practice. Do you guys think i should do it with MVC 5 and when MVC 6 is released it will be on top of it or start with MVC 6 directly to avoid any confusion . Your help is appreciated.

Any website/books suggestion ?

Edit- It seems MVC 5 is way to go . Any other technology along with it which goes together?

9/7/2014 8:23:07 AM

Accepted Answer

If you're just starting with ASP.NET MVC, MVC 5.0 will do as most of what you'll learn can be transferred to version 6 when it's released.

I would also recommend learning a front-end MVW framework such as AngularJS with ASP.NET WebAPI.

Most of the knowledge in learning the MVC pattern is transferable to AngularJS and you can use WebAPI as a back-end to build a robust API for your apps (which you can re-use later to take your applications to other platforms such as iOS or Android)

The website is a great place to start:

8/3/2014 1:38:16 PM

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