How do I select correct DbSet in DbContext based on table name

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Say I have a DbContext with the following DbSets

class Amimals : DbContext
    public DbSet<Dog> Dogs { get; set; }
    public DbSet<Cat> Cats { get; set; }

Inside of each EntityTypeConfiguration I am defining the table for each DbSet like

class DogConfig : EntityTypeConfiguration
    public  DogConfig()

Now, if I have the table name and the DbContext, how can I grab and use the correct DbSet?

void foo()
    string tableName = this.GetTableName();
    using(Animals context = new Animals())
        /* Made up solution */
        DbSet animalContext = context.Where(c => c.TableName == tableName);
        /* Do something with DbSet */
10/10/2014 6:24:18 PM

Accepted Answer

You can get DbSet from DbContext by Type using the method DbContext.Set(Type entityType). So if you have the model class name as string you should do some mapping to actual clr type.

For example:

string tableName = "Cat";
var type = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()
        .FirstOrDefault(t => t.Name == tableName);

if(type != null)
    DbSet catContext = context.Set(type);

You also can get type from string using Full Assembly Qualified Name Type.GetType(' ... ')

If will be even easier if you can store configurations somehow in generic way and use the generic context.Set<T>() method.

10/10/2014 6:48:42 PM

Popular Answer

Another approach is below and work fine for me:

Type t = Type.GetType(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Name + "." + "TableName");
DbSet dbset = dbcontext.Set(t);

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