How can I use Visual Studio 2010 Express to connect to SqlExpress for Entity Framework?

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I'm attempting to build up an ASP.NET MVC 2 Web Application utilizing SqlExpress + Entity Framework as the data access using the Visual Studio 2010 Express versions. The "C# Edition" and the "Web Developer Edition" are both installed.

I am unable to add the "Microsoft SQL Server" data source type while using the "C# edition."

Screenshot of Visual Studio 2010 Express from StackOverflow:

however it's available in Visual Studio 2008 Professional.

Screenshot of Visual Studio 2008 Professional taken from StackOverflow at

This is included in the "Web Developer Edition.", a different StackOverflow query, makes same observation. However, the Entity Framework elements EntityFramework StackOverflow/2010EF.png are not supported by the Web Developer Edition.

I would want to stay with the Express Editions exclusively. Is there a use case that Microsoft overlooked, like mine? How can I utilize SqlExpress with MVC 2 and Entity Framework in this situation?



5/23/2017 11:53:15 AM

Accepted Answer

You ought to be able to choose.SQL Server Database File to connect to SqlExpress, and then modify the connection string.

4/26/2010 1:52:36 AM

Popular Answer

I just encountered the same issue. When generating or editing ADO.NET Entity Data Model (*.edmx) files, Visual Studio C# Express 2010 SP1 only presents me with Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 and Microsoft SQL Server Database File.

However, I am able to add and change ADO.NET Entity Data Model (*.edmx) files in existing solutions and choose the Microsoft SQL Server option when creating connection strings thanks to my copy of Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express SP1.

Therefore, my method for dealing with connection strings is to just toggle between C# and Web Developer. I'm not sure whether everyone gets it out of the box or if I installed anything extra that made the Microsoft SQL Server option in Web Developer active.

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