How do you check if a string contains any strings from a list in Entity Framework?

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I am trying to search a database to see if a string contains elements of a list of search terms.

var searchTerms = new List<string> { "car", "232" };
var result = context.Data.Where(data => data.Name.Contains(searchTerms) ||

This would work if searchTerms was a string but I've been trying to get it to work with a list of strings.

Essentially I need SQL which would say

WHERE Name LIKE '%car%'
OR Name LIKE '%232%'
OR Code LIKE '%car%'
OR Code LIKE '%232%'

linq where list contains any in list seems to be the closes thing I could find to the situation.

Where(data => searchTerms.Contains(data.Name) || searchTerms.Contains(data.Code) only brings back exact matches to the search terms list.

I have tried searching for multiple keyword search in Entity Framework also and have exhausted that effort. Is there any way to achieve what I am aiming for?

5/23/2017 11:47:11 AM

Accepted Answer

You can try using Any method, I'm not sure whether it's supported but it's worth trying:

var result = context.Data.Where(data => searchTerms.Any(x => data.Name.Contains(x)) ||
                                        searchTerms.Any(x => data.Code.Contains(x));

If this gives you NotSupportedException you can add AsEnumerable before Where to fetch all records and execute the query in memory rather than DB.

12/4/2014 1:54:59 PM

Popular Answer

I'm late to the party but using the SearchExtensions nuget package you could do something like the following

var result = context.Data.Search(x => x.Name, x => x.Code).Containing(searchTerms);

This builds an expression tree so will still perform the query on the server (and not in memory) and will essentially run the SQL you desire above

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