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As part of my current project, a.Net application must read data from an Oracle 10g database that sits behind Siebel. I've established a connection in VS 2010 Server Explorer using the OracleClient type connector and the Oracle TNS service name as the "server name." The connection is successful according to the "Test Connection" button. When I expand the Tables in the Server Explorer, however, no tables are shown. There are more than 3000 tables in the database, I am certain of that (thanks Siebel). Does anybody have any idea what's going on? Entity Framework 4.0 Entity Data Model creation is what I'd want to do.

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4/30/2010 2:27:11 PM

Accepted Answer

I've struggled mightily to find a solution on my own. There isn't much helpful information available on the issue. Once you've established a data connection and verified it, click "Ok" to see the server explorer window. Select "Change View" by right-clicking on the new Oracle data connection. Try choosing "User Objects" or "All Objects" if "My Objects" is already chosen. When you do, all of the items listed under the data connection sub categories ought to be visible.

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7/27/2019 11:08:33 PM

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Your login name for the connection is the "displayed schemas" attribute by default when you right-click connections and choose Filters. Update the property and convert the schemas to dbo schema. The tables should then be visible to you. It functioned for me:

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