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I want to get IQueryable<> result when executing stored procedure.

Here is piece of code that works fine:

IQueryable<SomeEntitiy> someEntities;  
var globbalyFilteredSomeEntities = 
  from se in m_Entities.SomeEntitiy
      se.GlobalFilter == 1234 
  select se;

I can use this to apply global filter, and later use the result in something like:

result = globbalyFilteredSomeEntities
  .OrderByDescending(se => se.CreationDate)

What I want to do - use some stored procedures in global filter.
I tried:

Add stored procedure to m_Entities, but it returns IEnumerable<> and executes sp immediately:

var globbalyFilteredSomeEntities = 
  from se in m_Entities.SomeEntitiyStoredProcedure(1234);

Materialize query using EFExtensions library, but it is IEnumerable<>.
If I use AsQueryable() and OrderBy(), Skip(), Take()
and after that ToList() to execute that query -
I get exception that DataReader is open and I need to close it first(can't paste error - it is in russian).

var globbalyFilteredSomeEntities = 
  m_Entities.CreateStoreCommand("exec SomeEntitiyStoredProcedure(1234)")
            //.OrderByDescending(se => se.CreationDate)

Also just skipping .AsQueryable() is not helpful - same exception.
When I put ToList() query executes,
but it is too expensive to execute query without Skip(), Take().

6/27/2019 7:52:45 AM

Accepted Answer

You can't do what you're trying to do, for the same reason that you can't put a stored procedure in a FROM clause of a SELECT query - SQL isn't built to support this kind of operation.

Could you put the logic you want into a view instead of a stored procedure?

5/5/2010 2:47:13 PM

Popular Answer

You can use a project I created called LinqToAnything which lets you take a non-queryable data access method and turn it into an IQueryable.

I've got a blog post here on how to use it.

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