EntityFramework.IBM.DB2 can't connect to db2

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It turns out that even though I installed the 10.5.5 driver, the default setting was not properly configured. It worked properly after launching the "Default DB2 and Database Client Interface Selection wizard" (located by just typing its name into the start menu).

1/7/2015 12:29:03 AM

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@Ramu, Recently, I began converting one of our legacy apps and began learning how to use Entity Framework 6 to connect to IBM DB2. To answer your question directly, it is not feasible to work in Visual Studio 2015 because IBM database add-ins are only supported up until Visual Studio 2013. When we contacted IBM, they said they didn't know whether they would make these add-ins available for Visual Studio 2015.

I created my repository in VS 2013 and turned it as a nuget package as a workaround. That package has been imported into my VS 2015 project. The use of packages is currently a much cleaner method than using hard dll references.

I set up the environment in this way.

  1. Install Fix-pack 7 together with IBM DB2 10.5. Thus, IBM Data server Client 10.5 should be obtained.
  2. Install the Visual Studio IBM Database Add-Ins using the same installation package.
  3. Install the 10.5 IBM Data Server Driver.
  4. Install EF Tools for Visual Studio 2012/2013

Make that the IBM Database add-ins for Visual Studio have the same version, release, and fix-pack level by going to programs and features.

Hope this was useful.

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