Autofac: How do you register a generic with multiple type arguments? Registering IGenRepo with EFGenRepo

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I am trying to build a generic repo and use autofac for testing. I have the following interface:

public interface IGenRepo<T, TKey> where T : class
    IQueryable<T> Items { get; }
    T find(TKey pk);
    RepoResult delete(TKey pk);
    RepoResult create(T item);
    RepoResult update(T item);
    RepoResult save();

And here is the class that implements that interface:

public class EFGenRepo<T, TKey> : IGenRepo<T, TKey> where T : class
    private PortalEntities context = new PortalEntities();

    public IQueryable<T> Items { get { return context.Set<T>().AsQueryable<T>(); } }

    public T find(TKey pk){}
    public RepoResult delete(TKey pk){}
    public RepoResult create(T item){}
    public RepoResult update(T item){}
    public RepoResult save(){}
    private RepoResult save(T item){}

Here's the registration I am using:


The compile error I get on this line is:

Using the generic type 'Domain.Concrete.EFGenRepo` requires 2 type arguments.

I haven't used autofac a lot, but when I remove the TKey generic parameter it all works fine and the error message:"Using the generic type 'Domain.Concrete.EFGenRepo'requires 2 type arguments" is gone...while still using the T parameter...Can somebody tell me how to set it up correctly, prefering not to change my IGenRepo interface and EFGenRepo class.

6/4/2015 1:00:24 PM

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6/3/2015 12:09:00 PM

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