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I'm trying to create a table from within visual studio and update my .edmx file inside Visual Studio by right-clicking the file and selecting Update Model from Database.

My table looks like this:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tableName] (
[CategoryId]   INT         NOT NULL,
CONSTRAINT [FK_responsibleUser_user] FOREIGN KEY ([UserId]) REFERENCES [dbo].[users] ([UserId]) ON DELETE CASCADE,
CONSTRAINT [FK_categoryResponsibleUser_category] FOREIGN KEY ([CategoryId]) REFERENCES [dbo].[categories] ([CategoryId]) ON DELETE CASCADE

This table contains two foreign keys to the tables i want to link. After I run the script "Update Model from Database", a relation between the two tables pops up.

Now Heres the problem: I need EF to generate an instance of my class in Visual studio like this:

public virtual DbSet<tableName> TableIWantToBeGeneratedByEF { get; set; }

As I said, with the current mapping it just creates a relation between two tables. How do I alter my query when creating the table for this to happen? Can this be achieved while using two foreign keys as the primary key or what?

7/29/2016 7:17:16 AM

Accepted Answer

Almost forgot. It seems that it was the compound primary keys that caused the problem. I changed so both my foreign keys just acted like foreign keys and not as a combined primary key, then created a columnn named Id instead with datatype INT Identity. Ran the script "Update Model from Database" in .edmx designer and boom, there it was.

6/11/2015 6:07:14 PM

Popular Answer

Just open the model designed, select all (ctrl + A), press 'delete' button to delete them, and finally right click and select Update Model from Database. This will force EF to re-generate all model.

(Or just delete all referenced tables so that they are also regenerated)

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