UserManager.GetRoles doesn't work after extending the IdentityUserRole in MVC 5 Dot Net Identity c# entity-framework-6 owin


I have extended the IdentityUserRole by adding a foreign key column and now I am unable to Authorize or retrieve Roles information. Could please anyone help me in sorting out this issue.

My IdentityUserRole has a foreign key column from AspNetApplications table and the IdentityUserRole extension is as follow

public class AspNetUserRoles : IdentityUserRole
    public string ApplicationId { get; set; }

    public AspNetApplications AspNetApplications { get; set; }

After adding the migration I can see the foreign key column is created in AspNetUserRoles table. A screen shot of the table is as follow

enter image description here

Here I have two questions to ask

  1. Why it has created an auto Discriminator column and how I can remove it, if it has any overhead.
  2. What extra I have to do in order to get my Authorization and UserManager.GetRoles working as they were before doing this extension.
9/2/2015 12:07:48 PM

Accepted Answer

Discriminator column is about Table per Hierarchy (TPH).refer to this link What is a Discriminator column in ASP.NET Migrations?

About your authentication It should be something wrong with your dicriminator column.for example this code UserManager.GetRoles() has where clause for Discriminator filed to fetch data.

SELECT [Extent1].[Id] AS [Id], [Extent1].[Name] AS [Name] FROM [dbo].[Roles] AS [Extent1]
WHERE [Extent1].[Discriminator] = N'Role'

I think your where clause value in select command which send to database is different from what value you have in database

5/23/2017 12:14:11 PM

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