How to find informix datasource in visual studio to connect to

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I want to employEF6 with Informix a database

I've done a lot of research and can find

NuGet's IBM DB2 EntityFramework 6.0.2 for BothInformix and DB2 however, my primary issue is the connection.

How to establish a relationship with myinformix database, where can I locate provider to use?

  • I want to get a window like this :

    :enter image description here

My current window :

enter image description here


  • I utilize IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 12.10.FC3 as my informix server.
  • I utilize version 3.50 of the Informix Client SDK.
  • I work using Visual Studio 2012.
  • framework

EDIT: in accordance with the suggestions: I runC:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe

and set up myODBC however, I'm still unable to access theinformix DB by way of V.S.

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

EDIT2: Taking the advice into consideration, I installedIBM Informix Software Bundle is capable of connecting to Visual Studio throughView -->Server Explorer and locate each table. However even after changing the data source using Entity Framework, I still can't locate Informix ODBC: enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

7/12/2018 1:57:59 AM

Accepted Answer

EDIT 5: Installing Informix IBM Data Server.NET Provider, which lacks a Creator Edition, will allow you to get the exact screens you're after and be fully integrated with Visual Studio with all the bells and whistles you're now asking. Only a Version Testing is available, and it requires more registration details than a standard Developer Identifier.

See complete details and the precise integration screens between Windows Studio and Apple Informix you're looking for at the following link: Utilize the IBM Data Server.NET Provider for Informix to get going.

enter image description here

Code example for checking the ODBC connection:

    private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string connString = "Dsn=IFMX32;uid=informix";
            string cmd = "select * from syschfree";

            OdbcConnection conn = new OdbcConnection(connString);

            OdbcDataAdapter adapter = new OdbcDataAdapter(cmd, conn);


            DataTable table = new DataTable();

            dataGridView1.DataSource = table;
        catch (Exception ex)

enter image description here

EDIT 3: Using the "bundle" package Version 12.10TC5DE of Informix Developer Edition for Windows 32, which includes both the client SDK and a test server, I was able to create an ODBC connection as previously described. The image below shows how I made a connection to the sysmaster database. Regardless of whether you require a test server, you should install this 32-bit bundle package because it might be adding some extra parts that would let you connect.

enter image description here

More information regarding the connection's configuration in the ODBC Data Source Administration tool is provided below:

enter image description here

EDIT 2: The 32-bit Client SDK yields exactly the same outcomes as those previously displayed.

enter image description here

EDIT 1: You might wish to try the following:

In the event that your client SDK is correctly set up, you ought to be able to see your driver as displayed below. Version 4.10 Developer Edition in my instance (64-bit).

enter image description here

Then, using your driver and database information, construct a user data source as shown below:

enter image description here

Finally, your recently created Data Source ought to be accessible in Visual Studio:

enter image description here

You could give it a shot even though I don't have a server to utilize to test this further.

11/11/2015 5:35:07 PM

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