New embedded Firebird, code first, EF6 project results in SerializationException

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With the assistance of the earlier response, I was able to identify the exact cause of the same problem that I was experiencing. It is a known problem, and version 6.2 has a patch. Without a good stack trace, it may be impossible to determine whether the exception is masking a deeper issue. An alternative is to update your Entity Framework to the most recent 6.2 pre-release build, identify the root of the issue, and then downgrade to your current build, in my case 6.1.3.

  1. Obtain the most recent Entity Framework 6.2 signed build. The NuGet repository must be added. You can find comprehensive directions for this step here:
  2. For your solution, launch the NuGet Package Manager.
  3. Pre-release should be selected in the NuGet Package Manager's top checkbox.
  4. Pick all of your projects that reference them in the project selection window. Enterprise Framework
  5. Choose the most recent 6.2 build from the version dropdown and press the "install" button. Your existing version will be removed, and the pre-release version you chose will be installed instead.
  6. Create your remedy.
  7. Enter the command after launching the Package Manager Console.Update-Database

At this point, you need to get a thorough error message outlining what went wrong and providing instructions on how to fix it. In my situation, a file access problem necessitated running Visual Studio as an Administrator.

When the problem is fixed, you can either go back and undo the modifications you made to the entity framework version or use the methods above to update to the previous version you were using.

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