Begining Entity Framework 6 With ASP.Net MVC 5 Using stored procedures only Tutorial entity-framework-6


I am returning to ASP.NET MVC 5 development after quite some time away and have hit on a problem that I am hoping you can guide me in the right direction with .

I am hoping to construct a data layer using Entity Frame work 6 using stored procedures only to access the data base. we are using a data base first approach.

I have a lot to learn here . Entity Framework is a totally new technology for me and I am working hard to bring myself back up to speed .

I have found a lot of tutorials out there that cover step by step application development taking a data base first approach using the tables directly. and those have proved useful . However my company is keen to restrict our data base access to use stored procedures only .

I would be very grateful indeed if any one out there can recommend a good tutorial and or resources that can help me get started building up my data model using only stored procedures . its proving quite a learning curve for me at the moment and I am struggling with a lack of learning resources. any web sites, resources and particularly tutorials you can recommend for me will be very gratefully received

thank you


4/2/2016 8:33:37 AM

Accepted Answer

Have you tried this link?

In my case, I install EF from Nuget into my visual studio 2013 and create a new EF project. I setup the EF project to connect to my database and EF allow me to call all of my stored procedures in the database. Thus, I can create my own data access layer in the EF project and call the stored procedures in other project whenever I need to perform any operation in database.

It would be great if you can provide an exact point on where are you stuck with so that we can give you more accurate tutorial and information.

3/18/2016 9:59:30 AM

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