Where should SetInitializer be placed in Entity Framework CTP4?

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I'm trying to use the CTP4 preview to add Entity Framework, code first, to an MVC application that has been running with test data.

Right now I'm receiving the following error:

Since the database's creation, the model that supports the "SchedulerContext" context has changed. Call Database or manually delete/update the database. SetInitializer using an instance of IDatabaseInitializer. For instance, the RecreateDatabaseIfModelChanges strategy will automatically delete, rebuild, and, if desired, seed the database with fresh information.

Since I already have a database, I have no desire to create another. So I tried include the following in the constructor for the SchedulerContext:

Database.SetInitializer<SchedulerContext>(new CreateDatabaseOnlyIfNotExists<SchedulerContext>());

It had no impact at all; the next time it ran, I had the identical issue. The first, I believe, LINQ statement that contacts the database seems to be where the fault manifests itself.

Is this phrase indeed the solution to this issue, or where should I place it?

4/10/2013 9:06:49 PM

Accepted Answer


I just ignored the fact that you currently have a database and wish to build a new one; in that case, adding this to your SchedulerContext class would be the appropriate solution.

protected override void OnModelCreating(System.Data.Entity.ModelConfiguration.ModelBuilder modelBuilder) {
    modelBuilder.IncludeMetadataInDatabase = false;

old response

Typically, you place it in the Global. asax

protected void Application_Start() {
    Database.SetInitializer<SchedulerContext>(new CreateDatabaseOnlyIfNotExists<SchedulerContext>());

Remember that it won't be initialized until the data context is used for the first time.


public class DataContextInitializer : CreateDatabaseOnlyIfNotExists<SchedulerContext> {
    protected override void Seed(SchedulerContext context) {

The SetInitializer is then modified as before.

System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.Database.SetInitializer<SchedulerContext>(new  DataContextInitializer());
9/9/2010 5:04:38 PM

Popular Answer

By the way, using this method to set the initializer in Global is correct as of CTP5. asax

protected void Application_Start() { System.Data.Entity.Database.DbDatabase.SetInitializer<NerdDinners>(new System.Data.Entity.Database.DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges<NerdDinners>()); }

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