IBM Data Server EF 6 Provider for Entity Framework 6 - Limitations - Possible Workarounds

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I installed the IBM add-in for Visual Studio 2015, downloaded EntityFramework 6 and EntityFramework.IBM.DB2 (6.0.1) from

I'm getting the following problem while creating an EDMX (which is already specified in the readme.txt file after EntityFramework.IBM.DB2 is installed)


  1. If an application targets the x64 platform and uses our "IBM Data Server EF 6 Provider" during EDM creation, there is a known problem with MS EF Tooling "Although the most recent version of Entity Framework is referenced in your project, a database provider for this version that is compatible with Entity Framework could not be found for your data connection. Before carrying out this step, make sure you have rebuilt your project if a compatible provider has already been installed. If not, do not proceed with this operation until you have installed a compatible supplier, rebuilt your project, and then exited this wizard "exception.

Potential Solutions:

I Put the EF model in a separate project that can be built on any CPU, and then make the x64 (64-bit) StartUp project depend on that project.

ii) Target any CPU platform with the program.

I tried experimenting with the workarounds, but I wasn't able to figure out how to use them properly.

Can someone elaborate on the workaround? I am aware that asking for instructions on how to accomplish them appears absurd. I am aware that these are easy to do because the necessary steps have previously been stated. I simply want to know how. I apologize for the stupid question.

I'm grateful.

Edit 1: I started a brand-new project. EF 6.1.3 and EntityFramework.IBM.DB2 6.0.4 were installed. built-in response built-in configuration manager targeted at "Any CPU." Nevertheless, I was able to identify the identical problem (enter image description here).

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