A big Entity Framework Diagram may be exported.

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My entity diagram is rather huge. I attempted to export it as a picture, but because it's so big, the result is pixelated.

For the error report, click this URL http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/534574/edmx-model-image-export-pixelation (made by someone else).

So, I questioned if there was an other approach to export that diagram. I want to avoid having to create my own exporting tool.

While I could try and fix what they are complaining about in my model, I don't trust their application enough to view it as a permanent solution and don't want to invest that time for a temporary one. When I tried to use entity developer to open my model, it just crashed, and when I went to report the error, their web site threw up an error.

However, I'll make do with an image export that is precise enough for you to be able to see the names of the entities. Ideally, I'd be able to convert it into another UML-like diagram that individuals without Visual Studio may change and then send back to me.

I appreciate it.

9/16/2010 5:48:46 PM

Popular Answer

There is an easy method to get what you want.

Download a Creator of PDF-style virtual printer.

Dispatch the EDMX file.

Choose a larger Paper Size by going to "File > Page Setup..."; "ARCH E3" is a suitable option.

Select "PDF Creator" from the list of possible printers under "File > Print..." and then click "OK." The PDF Creator choices will appear; enter your desired file name and, under "Profile," choose the appropriate format, such as "JPEG" or "PNG." Of course, you may also export to "PDF."

After that, just click "Save."

3/5/2013 3:45:19 PM

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