Entity Framework not appearing in Add New Item list in Visual Studio 2017

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I created a new MVC project in Visual Studio 2017. I wanted to add an EDMX file (I will be doing database-first) so right clicked on the project and selected Add|New Item.

However, I cannot find the Entity Framework components that were available in the previous versions of Visual Studio. Does anyone know where they went?

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10/24/2017 6:44:22 PM

Accepted Answer

In .NET Framework-based projects, the Entity Framework 6 templates are still there. However, for .NET Core-based projects, I believe you're expected to use the dotnet ef commands. This includes a means of scaffolding a code-first DbContext from an existing database. See ASP.NET Core - Existing Database.

To verify this, I setup a demo project with the following structure:


The New Item/Data dialog for the .NET Framework project:


Note that there is also an EF POCO Generator template available in the Online templates section that may be of interest to you:


3/18/2017 6:28:28 PM

Popular Answer

I had a similar issue today after i updated my VS to the latest 2017 version. I tried to open an .edmx file in VS2017 and it didn't show the designer view. So i realised i forgot to select Entity Framework tools during the installation:

enter image description here

Everything is back to normal :)

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