How can I make DbSet.Add() faster?

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I have to import about 30k rows from a CSV file to my SQL database, this sadly takes 20 minutes.

Troubleshooting with a profiler shows me that DbSet.Add is taking the most time, but why?

I have these Entity Framework Code-First classes:

public class Article
    // About 20 properties, each property doesn't store excessive amounts of data

public class Database : DbContext
    public DbSet<Article> Articles { get; set; }

For each item in my for loop I do:


Outside the for loop I do:


It's connected with my local SQLExpress server, but I guess there isn't anything written till SaveChanges is being called so I guess the server won't be the problem....

12/4/2010 8:14:10 PM

Accepted Answer

Each item in a unit-of-work has overhead, as it must check (and update) the identity manager, add to various collections, etc.

The first thing I would try is batching into, say, groups of 500 (change that number to suit), starting with a fresh (new) object-context each time - as otherwise you can reasonably expect telescoping performance. Breaking it into batches also prevents a megalithic transaction bringing everything to a stop.

Beyond that; SqlBulkCopy. It is designed for large imports with minimal overhead. It isn't EF though.

12/4/2010 8:13:01 PM

Popular Answer

As per Kevin Ramen's comment (Mar 29) I can confirm that setting db.Configuration.AutoDetectChangesEnabled = false makes a huge difference in speed

Running Add() on 2324 items by default ran 3min 15sec on my machine, disabling the auto-detection resulted in the operation completing in 0.5sec.

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