How do I go about unit testing with Entity Framework and Moq?

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Accepted Answer

You only need to establish a collection to serve as the backup store and use the backing collection to fake the enumeration db set.

public class MockDbSet<TEntity> : Mock<DbSet<TEntity>> where TEntity : class {
    public MockDbSet(List<TEntity> dataSource = null) {
        var data = (dataSource ?? new List<TEntity>());
        var queryable = data.AsQueryable();

        this.As<IQueryable<TEntity>>().Setup(e => e.Provider).Returns(queryable.Provider);
        this.As<IQueryable<TEntity>>().Setup(e => e.Expression).Returns(queryable.Expression);
        this.As<IQueryable<TEntity>>().Setup(e => e.ElementType).Returns(queryable.ElementType);
        this.As<IQueryable<TEntity>>().Setup(e => e.GetEnumerator()).Returns(() => queryable.GetEnumerator());
        //Mocking the insertion of entities
        this.Setup(_ => _.Add(It.IsAny<TEntity>())).Returns((TEntity arg) => {
            return arg;

        //...the same can be done for other members like Remove

So you can now save the data in a list.

var dataSource = new List<User>(); //<-- this will hold data
var user = new User()
    FirstName = "Some",
    LastName = "Guy",
    EmailAddress = "",

var mockSet = new MockDbSet<User>(dataSource);
var mockContext = new Mock<WebAPIDbContext>();

mockContext.Setup(c => c.Set<User>()).Returns(mockSet.Object);

// ACT
using (var uow = UnitOfWork.Create(mockContext.Object))

    // ASSERT
    mockSet.Verify(u => u.Add(It.IsAny<User>()), Times.Once());
    Assert.IsTrue(dataSource.Contains(user)); //<-- shows mock actually added item
    Assert.IsTrue(uow.UserRepository.Any(u => u == user)); //<-- show you can actually query mock DbSet
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