Bulk insert records and get their Id's after bulk insert in Entity Framework

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There doesn'tBulk Insert Entity Framework, For this type of activity, a third-party library is required.

Every time an entity is saved, Entity Framework by default does a round trip to the database. Therefore, in your situation, more than 100,000 database round-trips will be needed, which is INSANELY sluggish.

I possess Extended Entity Framework, which is Disclaimer.

Although this library costs money, it lets you execute any bulk operations, includingBulkInsert and automatically return theId's Additionally, you may include a linked object usingIncludeGraph options:

  • SaveChanges in bulk
  • a mass insert
  • mass deletion
  • Mass Update
  • mass merge


// Easy to use

// Easy to customize
context.BulkSaveChanges(bulk => bulk.BatchSize = 100);

// Perform Bulk Operations

// Customize Primary Key
context.BulkMerge(customers, operation => {
   operation.ColumnPrimaryKeyExpression = 
        customer => customer.Code;

Answer all of the questions

Are those the same bits as "EF Plus"

Also, I am the proprietor of Plus Entity Framework

In essence, we divided features into two libraries: free and premium. EF+ does not assistBulk Operations .

Only one functionality is presently shared by both libraries.Batch Delete and Batch Update

11/2/2017 1:13:29 AM

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