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I have a table User { UserId, Name, Age } and License { LicenseId, Name, IsActive }. Also I have a table UserLicense { UserId, LicenseId } which connects both of these and has the record for all the users who hold a license. A user can hold multiple license and those appear as different rows in the UserLicense table.

Now I need to remove a particular license from the license table. I do not want to delete it outright, so I mark IsActive = false. However I do want to delete rows from the UserLicense table for that license Id.

I am using Entity Framework.

If it is a direct table, I would have done something like :

var lic = db.Licenses.Where(l => l.Id== licenseId).FirstorDefault();

However since UserLicense is a table of foreign keys, Entity Framework does not allow me to access it directly using

public void DeleteLicensedUsers(Guid LicenseId)

because the model does not contain an independent table for UserLicense as it is only a table of foreign keys.

So how do I delete all rows of UserLicense table for a particular licenseId using Linq and EF6?

6/12/2018 5:34:41 PM

Accepted Answer

I faced a similar issue and you can solve it this way. I almost tend to avoid tables with just foreign keys and instead add another column to fix this issue.

var license = db.Licenses.Where(l => l.ID == LicenseId).FirstOrDefault();
var users = license.Users.ToList();

if (users != null)
    foreach (var user in users)
6/13/2018 1:46:58 PM

Popular Answer

If your entity class (I guess User), has navigation properties of type ICollection<Licence> by removing Licence from this collection you are actually removing items from UserLicense table. This is how Entity Framework handles many-to-many relationships in databases.

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