Visual Studio Entity Data Wizard, Crashes when Trying to Connect to Oracle

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I am running VS 2017, ver 15.7.3 I have installed the Nuget Packages for Oracle, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess and Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.EntityFramework.

Oracle Packages Installed on this Project I have my TNS file Configured to the proper Oracle Connection. But When I open up the Entity Data Model Wizard, Select -> ADO.Net Entity Data Model Click ADD

Adding New Entity Data Model

Code First From Database --> Click Next... . It just crashes out. No Error... Nothing. The Window just Closes Entity Data Model Code First Wizard Crash

Some times it gets to the next screen and it lets me select the Oracle datasource and enter the proper credentials, but when I hit Next on that screen it just crashes out again.. I can never get past it? Does anyone have a work around. I'm sure I could create the Connection and the Entities Manually but there are just too many to for that approach to be practical.

6/18/2018 3:01:22 PM

Popular Answer

I managed to solve the same problem by:

  1. use Entity Framework Version 5.0 with Oracle.ManagedDataAccess v18.3.0
  2. delete your connection from web.Config
  3. from Server Explorer window, remove all connections

Now, you can add your entity model through the ADO.Net Entity Data Model wizard. In my case, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.EntityFramework wasn't needed.

5/16/2019 7:58:20 AM

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