Entity Framework 6, database-first with ORACLE in MVC 5.2.3 project

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can someone help me with this error ? Error after set up connection string and confirm

I using MVC 5.2.3 and .NET 4.6. I have installed ODAC 12c Release 4 and Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio ( from oracle official website here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/dotnet/utilsoft-086879.html, added NuGet packages Oracle.ManagedDataAccess, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.EntityFramework

and that generate this providers in webconfig file:

<section name="oracle.manageddataaccess.client" type="OracleInternal.Common.ODPMSectionHandler, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89b483f429c47342" />

<provider invariantName="Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client" type="Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.EntityFramework.EFOracleProviderServices, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.EntityFramework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89b483f429c47342" />

Does anyone get this work ? What i'm missing ? Thanks for every hint

8/2/2018 9:15:42 AM

Popular Answer

You need to install the Entity Framework Oracle provider. You can do that in two ways:

  1. In the Package Manager Console execute the following command:

    Install-Package Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.EntityFramework

  2. Follow the instruction for NuGet ODP.NET Installation and Configuration from here

Using NuGet to Install and Configure Oracle Data Provider for .NET

8/2/2018 10:35:23 AM

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