Using AutoMapper and Entity Framework to change what columns are fetched from a database table

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We have a new requirement where we need to dynamically fetch a list of columns from a table. We have 141 columns in this table, but say we only want to return 2 or 3 of them, we just don't know which 3 until run-time.

These columns are passed in as a List<string>, with the hopes I could use reflection to access the property on the source object.

We have support for this already by being able to pass a TObjectDto into our service which our IQueryable is projected to before hitting the database, it just doesn't handle the dynamic columns part of the equation.

So far I have unable to do something similar using MapFrom (no luck because reflection is not supported in LINQ, and it must be LINQ because otherwise it's not supported by queryable)

Is there any reason I should keep going down this rabbit hole and instead just use what I have to generate some raw SQL?

7/16/2019 8:18:03 PM

Popular Answer

I found a solution that I am pretty happy with

I declared a Dto class that inherits directly from my model class

    public class MyObjectDto : MyObject

Then configured a AutoMapper profile like so

CreateMap<MyObject, MyObjectDto>()
            .ForAllMembers(s => s.ExplicitExpansion());

I then curated the list of fields I do want to retrieve and

                result = await myObjects
                    .ProjectTo<TMyObjectDto>(_mapperConfiguration, null, fieldsToRetrieve.ToArray())

This then only queries the database values for the properties in fieldsToRetrieve and leaves the rest as null/default values, perfect for what I need

Thanks to Lucian for pointing me in the right direction in the comments

7/17/2019 9:12:32 PM

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