Removing entities in EF6 is very slow using RemoveRange

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From reading many other posts it looks like I need to use


to efficiently remove multiple entities.

Sadly however, in my scenario, this is still taking far too long. In tests, even removing 5 entities with about 10 fields takes about 1 sec per entity. This is far too slow.

What else can I do to improve performance?


This is what the method looks like that does the work:

  public void RemoveClassReportGroupings(IEnumerable<(int clientClassId, int classReportGroupingId)> enumerable)
            List<Class_ReportGrouping> removeItems = new List<Class_ReportGrouping>();

            var dict = _context.ClassReportGroupings.Select(i => i).ToDictionary(i=> (i.ClassId, i.GroupingId));

            foreach (var item in enumerable)
                var removeItem = dict[(item.clientClassId ,item.classReportGroupingId)];


11/16/2019 7:07:34 PM

Popular Answer

I guess, that this has nothing to do with EF, but with database optimization.

SaveChanges is the place where Entity Framework actually compiles your LINQ query into a suitable SQL query and executes it to the Database.

You may want to retrieve the query EF created for deletion for manual examination and or have a look at the possible query optimizations using a tool like MS SQL SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

There are plenty of resources about query analysis and optimizations for SQL server, have a look around these, e.g from Microsoft (retired, but still relevant)

10/30/2019 7:56:51 AM

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