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I have a view that I am trying to add to my ADO.NET Entity Data Model. Every time I try to Update From Database, and check the view, it refreshes everything else, but does not add the view.
I get no error message or output, so I have no idea what is wrong with the view. Other views are no problem. Am I missing something, is there a way to turn error messages on? Visual Studio 2008 sp1

Update: I found this link but the problem didn't solve with these solutions. MSDN Forum

Update: The view that i can't add it will query from another view.

Update: Help

WITH cte AS (SELECT     dbo.TBL_Gharardad.PK_Shenase, dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_NoeKhedmat AS NoeKhedmatId, 
                                                    dbo.TBL_NoeKhedmat.NoeKhedmat AS [نوع خدمت], dbo.TBL_Gharardad.OnvaneKhedmat AS [عنوان خدمت], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.MahaleEraeieKhedmat AS [محل ارائه خدمت], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_NahveieTaieeneBarande AS NahveieTaeeneBararndeId, 
                                                    dbo.TBL_NahveieTaieeneBarande.NahveieTaieeneBarande AS [نحوه تعيين برنده], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.TarikheShorooeGharardad_Jalali AS [تاريخ شروع قرارداد], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.TarikhePayaneGharardad_Jalali AS [تاريخ پايان قرارداد], dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_VahedeArz AS VahedeArzId, 
                                                    dbo.TBL_VahedeArz.VahedeArz AS [واحد ارز], dbo.TBL_Gharardad.MablagheDariaftiKol AS [مبلغ دريافتي کل], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.MablaghePardakhtieKol AS [مبلغ پرداختي کل], dbo.TBL_Gharardad.SahmeKarfarma AS [درصد مشارکت کارفرما], 
                                                    100 - dbo.TBL_Gharardad.SahmeKarfarma AS [درصد مشارکت پيمانکار], dbo.TBL_Gharardad.TedadNirooyeMard AS [تعداد نيروي مرد], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.TedadNirooyeZan AS [تعداد نيروي زن], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.TedadNirooyeMard + dbo.TBL_Gharardad.TedadNirooyeZan AS [تعداد کل نيروها], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_TarafeGharardad AS TarafeGharardadId, 
                                                    CASE TBL_TarafeGharardad.Hoghooghi WHEN 0 THEN ISNULL(TBL_TarafeGharardad.Naam, ' ') 
                                                    + ' ' + ISNULL(TBL_TarafeGharardad.NaameKhanevadegi, ' ') ELSE TBL_TarafeGharardad.NameSherkat END AS [طرف قرارداد], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_VahedeVagozarKonande AS VahedeVagozarKonandeId, 
                                                    dbo.TBL_VahedeVagozarKonande.VahedeVagozarKonande AS [واحد واگذار کننده], dbo.TBL_Gharardad.ShomareGharardad AS [شماره قرارداد], 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.TarikheGharardad_Jalali AS [تاريخ قرارداد], 
                                                    CASE VaziateGharardad WHEN 0 THEN N'لغو شده' WHEN 1 THEN N'ثبت اوليه' WHEN 2 THEN N'فسخ' WHEN 3 THEN N'ثبت نهايي ' WHEN 4 THEN
                                                     N' جاري ' WHEN 5 THEN N'تمام شده ' WHEN 6 THEN N' متمم ' END AS [وضعيت قرارداد], dbo.TBL_NoeMoamele.NoeMoamele AS [نوع معامله]
                             FROM          dbo.TBL_Gharardad INNER JOIN
                                                    dbo.TBL_NoeKhedmat ON dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_NoeKhedmat = dbo.TBL_NoeKhedmat.PK_Id INNER JOIN
                                                    dbo.TBL_NahveieTaieeneBarande ON 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_NahveieTaieeneBarande = dbo.TBL_NahveieTaieeneBarande.PK_Id INNER JOIN
                                                    dbo.TBL_VahedeArz ON dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_VahedeArz = dbo.TBL_VahedeArz.PK_Id INNER JOIN
                                                    dbo.TBL_TarafeGharardad ON dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_TarafeGharardad = dbo.TBL_TarafeGharardad.PK_Id INNER JOIN
                                                    dbo.TBL_VahedeVagozarKonande ON 
                                                    dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_VahedeVagozarKonande = dbo.TBL_VahedeVagozarKonande.PK_Id INNER JOIN
                                                    dbo.TBL_NoeMoamele ON dbo.TBL_Gharardad.FK_NoeMoamele = dbo.TBL_NoeMoamele.PK_Id)
    SELECT     v_Gharardad.شناسه, v_Gharardad.NoeKhedmatId, v_Gharardad.[نوع خدمت], v_Gharardad.[عنوان خدمت], v_Gharardad.[محل ارائه خدمت], 
                            v_Gharardad.NahveieTaeeneBararndeId, v_Gharardad.[نحوه تعيين برنده], v_Gharardad.[تاريخ شروع قرارداد], v_Gharardad.[تاريخ پايان قرارداد], 
                            v_Gharardad.VahedeArzId, v_Gharardad.[واحد ارز], v_Gharardad.[مبلغ دريافتي کل], v_Gharardad.[مبلغ پرداختي کل], v_Gharardad.[درصد مشارکت کارفرما], 
                            v_Gharardad.[درصد مشارکت پيمانکار], v_Gharardad.[تعداد نيروي مرد], v_Gharardad.[تعداد نيروي زن], v_Gharardad.[تعداد کل نيروها], 
                            v_Gharardad.TarafeGharardadId, v_Gharardad.[طرف قرارداد], v_Gharardad.VahedeVagozarKonandeId, v_Gharardad.[واحد واگذار کننده], 
                            v_Gharardad.[شماره قرارداد], v_Gharardad.[تاريخ قرارداد], v_Gharardad.[وضعيت قرارداد], v_Gharardad.[نوع معامله]
     FROM         dbo.TBL_Gharardad AS TBL_Gharardad_3 INNER JOIN
                            dbo.v_GharardadRecords AS v_Gharardad ON v_Gharardad.شناسه = TBL_Gharardad_3.PK_Shenase
     WHERE     (TBL_Gharardad_3.FK_GharardadeAsli IS NULL) AND (TBL_Gharardad_3.PK_Shenase NOT IN
                                (SELECT     FK_GharardadeAsli
                                   FROM         dbo.TBL_Gharardad AS TBL_Gharardad_2
                                   WHERE     (FK_GharardadeAsli IS NOT NULL)))
SELECT     sub.FK_GharardadeAsli AS شناسه, cte_2.NoeKhedmatId, cte_2.[نوع خدمت], cte_2.[عنوان خدمت], cte_2.[محل ارائه خدمت], cte_2.NahveieTaeeneBararndeId, 
                      cte_2.[نحوه تعيين برنده], cte_2.[تاريخ شروع قرارداد], cte_2.[تاريخ پايان قرارداد], cte_2.VahedeArzId, cte_2.[واحد ارز], cte_2.[مبلغ دريافتي کل], cte_2.[مبلغ پرداختي کل], 
                      cte_2.[درصد مشارکت کارفرما], cte_2.[درصد مشارکت پيمانکار], cte_2.[تعداد نيروي مرد], cte_2.[تعداد نيروي زن], cte_2.[تعداد کل نيروها], cte_2.TarafeGharardadId, 
                      cte_2.[طرف قرارداد], cte_2.VahedeVagozarKonandeId, cte_2.[واحد واگذار کننده], cte_2.[شماره قرارداد], cte_2.[تاريخ قرارداد], cte_2.[وضعيت قرارداد], 
                      cte_2.[نوع معامله]
FROM         dbo.v_GharardadRecords AS cte_2 INNER JOIN
                          (SELECT     FK_GharardadeAsli, MAX(PK_Shenase) AS PK_Shenase, MAX(TarikheSabt) AS TarikheSabt
                             FROM         dbo.TBL_Gharardad AS TBL_Gharardad_1
                             WHERE     (FK_GharardadeAsli IS NOT NULL)
                             GROUP BY FK_GharardadeAsli) AS sub ON sub.PK_Shenase = cte_2.شناسه
4/2/2019 8:09:31 AM

Accepted Answer

I have experienced this same behaviour when I try to add a view that doesn't select a primary key from another table. (Like Ladislav Mrnka has commented)

My strategy for solving this is to reduce the view to as simple as possible (1 column) and try and to get it added. Once you have it added to the model, slowly bring in more columns and refresh the model to make sure the view is still there. You can usually identify what section of the view is giving EDM problems.

5/17/2011 1:44:14 PM

Popular Answer

If your view does not contain the primary key column,then it wont add to edmx file.

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