is missing. VS 2010 SP1 includes an entity framework template. entity-framework templates visual-studio-2010


VS 2010 Professional with SP1 is what I have. I can see EF in the list of programs to uninstall or delete.

These unanswered questions have previously been sent by me. therefore beginning a new thread.

Additionally, searching online didn't provide any assistance. A few sites recommended reinstalling Visual Studio 2010.

Can I transfer the EF template to my computer without having to reinstall Visual Studio 2010? I'm grateful.

Screenshot from the program's Uninstall/Remove menu

Screen capture from Unistall/remove programs

Template is absent in VS 2010 SP1.

Missing Template in VS 2010 SP1

Target Framework for.NET

enter image description here

absent the template (.zip)

enter image description here

5/23/2017 12:02:50 PM

Accepted Answer

The issue with the EF project template was resolved by reinstalling Visual Studio 2010.

  1. Removing VS 2010
  2. Remove all add-ons, including SL Toolkit and EF Library 4.0.
  3. Setup VS 2010
  4. Install any other plugins.

When the installation requests it, restart the computer.

Please give this a try as well.

The EF template issue was resolved when I started Visual Studio 2010 in maintenance mode. However, I was unable to produce any EDMX. I encountered a DLL error. I didn't attempt transferring a DLL from someone else's computer. That, in my opinion, could have solved the issue.


As mentioned by Sutikshan Dubey, kindly see whether "Add New item" resolves the issue zzz -52-zzz

5/23/2017 10:24:12 AM

Popular Answer

The template itself is often found in a zipfile named in the directory Programmer Files[(x86)] Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0, Common 7, Ide, Templates, C#, and 1033. Additionally, there is a copy in Software Program Files (x86) ItemTemplatesCache-CSharp-Data-1033 Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 Common7 IDE, which is where VS reads it.

Exists that file in both places? If not, copy it from a different computer. If it exists but isn't detected by VS, another issue arises. Try launching devenv.exe once with the /resetskippkgs command line flag in such situation.

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