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Using Entity Framework 4.0

I have a search condition like this

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There are four fields that allow the users to filter their search. The conditions are all AND. The result has to omit the corresponding filter if the textbox value is String.Empty or the dropdownlist value is All. Could do this in a Stored Procedure but I am unable to mimic that at all in a Linq2SQL/ Entity Framework scenario.

My question is this, how to omit IEnumerable.Where in the Linq according to some entered values?

5/23/2017 11:54:56 AM

Accepted Answer

You can chain your where clauses. You just need an IQueryable datasource.

var filteredData = _repository.GetAll();
//If your data source is IEnumerable, just add .AsQueryable() to make it IQueryable



... etc....

Because it is IQueryable, the data is not fetched until you bind it so it only pulls the data you need.

6/15/2011 6:14:12 PM

Popular Answer

Assuming that Location and Category are identified in your code by ids (id is the value attribute in the comboboxes items), you can do something similar to

function GetItems(string keyword, string consultant, int? locationId, int categoryId){

using(MyContextEntities context = new MyContextEntities()){
    return context.Items.Where(item => 
        (string.IsNullOrEmpty(keyword) || item.Text.Contains(keyword))
        && (string.IsNullOrEmpty(consultant) || item.Consultant.Contains(consultant))
        && (!locationId.HasValue || item.Location.Id == locationId.Value)
        && (!categoryId.HasValue || item.Category.Id == categoryId.Value)

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