How can I use the Entity Framework 4.1 "code only" fluent API to map a char property?

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I have an object with the attribute "char":

public class Product
    public char Code

It seems that Entity Framework cannot map characters (this field is missing from the database when I create the database schema from my model objects). Can I use the fluent API to map the char (for instance, to a string)? Since the model objects are a part of an old common library, I don't want to modify them.

7/20/2011 10:55:09 AM

Accepted Answer

Char is not a legitimate primitive type for an entity framework, hence it cannot be mapped. Zzz-6-Zzz will display a list of valid kinds if you tick it.char not one of them).

Database char(1) is equivalent tostring (CSDL to SQL conversion). Char has the description 1 fixed-length non-unicode string.

Second mapped property utilizing string and your choice is the only unattractive alternative.char Property not mapped will only be usedstring[0] from their premises. That is simply one more illustration of how much needed simple type mapping or converters are in EF.

5/23/2017 12:17:55 PM

Popular Answer

Using the HasColumnType function in Fluent API, you may define the database column data type in the following way:

.Property(p => p.Code)   

According to Andre Artus' response here, EF4.1 supports HasColumnType.

The ColumnAttribute may achieve the same result when used with Data Annotations.

public string Code { get; set; }

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