Create the csdl, ssdl, and msl files using the Entity Framework.

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I work with EF 4 (not with Self-tracking entities currently). I've added some columns (non of them is a key and all of the are nullable) to one of my entities, and got the Number of members in conceptual type does not match with number of members on object side type exception.
I've followed the accepted answer here but all I got from that was that this entity does not appear in my edmx anymore. I've re-added it from DB, but I keep getting the same exception.
I think the problem is that I've copied the csdl/ssdl/msl files to my executing assembly directory. I'd like to copy the updated files, but they're not created again (they were once created in the obj\Debug\edmxResourcesToEmbed folder of my EF project), not even after removing them.
Any way to get those files created again?

P.S: As I don't want to publish excess amounts of code, I don't add anything yet but I'll be happy to add needed information, I'm just not sure what exactly is needed.

5/23/2017 12:18:25 PM

Accepted Answer

So if you want to create the csdl, ssdl amd msl files, do the following:

  1. Go to your edmx file.
  2. Click on the GuI screen that shows the model.
  3. Switch to the property window (I didn't know that it needs to be accessed from the GUI area and not by right clicking the file in the Solution Explorer.
  4. In the Metadata Artifact Process select Embed in Output Assembly.

Done and done, the files will appear in Debug\edmxResourcesToEmbed under obj or obj\x86, depends on your build definitions.
I'm sorry if this seems to simple to explain, but I was in need for those instructions (msdn was not a great help) and I hope it might help others.

8/23/2011 2:11:55 PM

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