Generate Entity From Tables in Different Schemas in Oracle Entity Framework

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My own user account, my_account, is used to log into Oracle, and I am given select rights on all of the tables in the schema that our application utilizes, which I'll refer to as app_schema.

I need to log in as my_account since I don't know the password for the account I want to use to produce the entity definitions for the tables in the app_schema schema using Entity Manager.

I can only see the tables in the my_account schema when I execute the wizard. Is there a possibility for me to create those tables from a different schema? Writing the.edmx file by hand might take days due to the size of the database and is likely to produce several typos. Synonyms have been used, but the wizard does not display them either.

9/14/2011 8:00:17 PM

Accepted Answer

Select your connection in the Server Explorer and then click the right arrow. Select Displayed schemas under the Filters tab, then add additional schemas from your list. To save changes to your connection, don't forget to click the update button and then OK.

You will now see all of your schemas' tables when you create a new ADO.Net Entity Data Model.

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With any luck, I can assist you.


9/29/2011 1:54:16 PM

Popular Answer

I discovered that I could only utilize tables from another user or schema when I created a new connection (using my_account) and used a filter while using the Entity Data Model Wizard. I am using EF 4.2. Add the app_schema filter to the shown schemas (be sure to press Update).

When I configure the connection's filter in the server explorer, as CMarchan advises, it works for me there, however the EDM wizard does not recognize the connection when creating a new model (maybe just a "feature" in 4.2).

It does enable me to add/edit tables from app_schema after the EDM has been built.

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